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Best Lasik Surgeon In Borivali

Best Lasik Surgeon in Borivali: Experience the Difference with Insight Vision

Looking for the best Lasik surgeon in Borivali to perform your vision correction procedure? Your search ends here at Insight Vision. Our renowned eye clinic boasts some of the most skilled and experienced Lasik surgeons in the region, dedicated to delivering exceptional results and transforming lives through advanced refractive surgery.

Why Choose the Best Lasik Surgeon in Borivali?

When it comes to something as crucial as your vision, expertise matters. At Insight Vision, our highly renowned Lasik surgeons bring extensive experience, specialized training, and a proven track record of success in performing Lasik procedures. With their unmatched skill and precision, you can trust that you’re in the best hands possible for your vision correction needs.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team of Lasik surgeons in Borivali brings unparalleled expertise to every procedure they perform. With years of experience and thousands of successful surgeries under their belts, they have the knowledge and skill to address a wide range of vision issues and deliver superior outcomes for our patients.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Insight Vision’s state-of-the-art technology and advanced laser systems ensure safe, precise, and effective outcomes for Lasik surgery. Our Borivali facility features cutting-edge equipment that enables our surgeons to customize treatment plans and perform corneal reshaping with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Personalized Patient Care

At Insight Vision, we prioritize personalized patient care and attention to detail. Our Borivali Lasik surgeons take the time to understand your unique vision goals and concerns, guiding you through every step of the Lasik surgery process with compassion and expertise. From your initial consultation to your post-operative care, we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of care and support.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Ready to experience the life-changing benefits of Lasik surgery with the best Lasik surgeon in Borivali? Schedule a consultation with Insight Vision Eye Care & Laser Centre today. Our experienced team will evaluate your candidacy for the procedure, answer any questions you may have, and work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Say goodbye to glasses and hello to clearer vision with Insight Vision – your trusted partner in vision correction.

The Dynamic Duo

Meet Dr. Sudhir &
Dr. Amruta

Dr. Sudhir Sudrik 
DNB – Ophthalmology, MNAMS, FMRF 
Consultant Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon | Retina Fellow, Sankara Nethralaya (Chennai) 

Dr. Amruta Padhye Sudrik 
DNB – Ophthalmology, MNAMS, FICO (UK) 
Consultant Ophthalmologist | Phaco & Refractive Eye Surgeon

Our Doctors

A Diverse Team of Specialists

Dr. Deepti Pimple Pithwa

Oculoplastic surgeon 

Dr. Ketki Purecha

Glaucoma surgeon

Dr. Sapna Kini

Cornea and Ocular Disorder Specialist 

Dr. Suraj Bhagade

Paediatric Ophthalmologist and Strabismus Surgeon

Dr. Ankit Desai

Paediatric Anaesthetist 

Dr. Jyoti Thete


Dr. Ami Bhagat


Dr. Neha Raut Karnik

Anaesthetist and Intensivist 

Client Testimonial

What Our Client Says

Pratik ShirsatPratik Shirsat
08:06 16 Feb 23
My Lasik surgery was executed successfully and it was certainly painless. It's been a month and I feel amazing without my spectacles. Thanks to Dr. Amruta Sudrik for the successful surgery and to clear all my doubts during regular check-up meets.
Mihir KarkeraMihir Karkera
16:22 10 Feb 23
I had undergone PRK Surgery two weeks back which is a Number Reduction Procedure at Insight Vision Eye Care and Laser Centre.Pre surgery, Dr. Amruta explained me about all the options available to me and their pro and cons as well. She cleared all my queries and confusion with logical reasoning and explained me the process of the surgery.Dr.Sudhir also did a great job in performing retinal laser procedure.During the surgery, Dr. Amruta assured that I am comfortable. She kept explaining me about the step she was going to do and the time required for the same. She kept on motivating me by telling me how good I am performing and how well the surgery is being conducted. This motivated me a lot and it really vanished all my nervousness. The surgery went smooth.Post surgery, my routine checkup was done quite frequently. Dr. Amruta along with other staff reviewed my recovery process. Both the doctors Dr.Amruta and Dr.Sudhir are very polite,humble and co-operative.Insight Vision Eye Care & Laser Centre is really commendable. The team is very friendly and professional.Many many thanks to Dr.Amruta and Dr.Sudhir and the entire team. I definitely recommend this centre!👍
Aayushi ShahAayushi Shah
16:31 02 Jan 23
Dr. Amrutha and the staff are really polite and have helped my and entire family with proper eye service. I got my lasik eye surgery done and it was indeed a simple process and she guided so well. Must Visit!!!
deepika mangaonkardeepika mangaonkar
15:28 27 Oct 22
Amazing doctors. The staff is very courteous and helpful. Got both my cataract surgeries done from here and this is the place you can visit for your eyes.
Achyut OzalkarAchyut Ozalkar
14:18 04 Oct 22
Thanks to Doctor duo. I felt it as a magic and not a surgery. No pain, no swelling, no bandage after an operation. The operation theatre floor is coated with Floor paint. It is most advanced feature. The overall management of clinic is very soothing. The staff is very disciplined and the facility is having many instruments, so the waiting time is minimised drastically. I am fully satisfied.

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